Rebecca Forrest, Creative Writer

A Bit of Background

A technical writer and editor for many years, with a strong undercurrent of creative writing throughout my life. Also a passionate seamstress.

Many Pathways

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Stories and Poems

I’m Rebecca Forrest from Dayton, Ohio. I write fiction and poetry. Everything from limericks and haiku to children’s poetry, narrative poetry, and women’s short and long fiction.

Read as much as you like. I hope you enjoy what you find here. Your interest is sincerely appreciated. Please feel free to contact me.

If you are a publisher, an agent, or a publication and are interested in my writing, please email me.

Simple Homemade Gifts

In addition to creative writing, I also sew. I make a wide array of simple, often whimsical gifts. Please visit my Sewing page to see what’s available. Thank you.